Know what you need to say

but don't know how to say it online?

Let me help.


The "ohhhhh that's what I need to do" sesh

  • Identifying what platforms are worth it

  • Identifying your brand's strengths and weaknesses on social

  • Developing a strategy for successful identity and branding on social

  • Creating and optimizing your new social platform accounts (!!!)  

The "ohhhhh that's how to start doing it" sesh

  • Crash course on 2+ platforms

  • Tips & tricks for each platform

  • Quick set up for SEO and Analytics (do you know how to track your growth?)

  • Post and share at the right times

  • Learn the dirty secrets of Facebook and how to get around them

The "ohhhhh that's how to look fancy" sesh

  • Learn how to create content optimized for multiple platforms

  • Learn tips and tricks for creating a clean, modern aesthetic

  • Learn the big Do's and Don'ts for what you create and share on social

  • Develop "your style"

The "ohhhhh that's why social is called social" sesh

  • Identifying YOUR unique voice and how to translate it to social

  • How to manage and respond to your customers on social

  • Showcasing your fan + client + community enthusiasm

  • Copywriting coaching

  • Profile, bio, and summary coaching

My hourly consulting rate is $75.