do you know how you want to feel?

Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity that you can have. Generating those feelings is the most powerfully creative thing you can do with your life. - Danielle LaPorte

How do you want to feel when you walk into the kitchen in the morning? When you arrive at your long-saved-for vacation? How do you want to feel when you show up for work? When you hang out with your friends? When you have sex? When you're stuck in traffic on the way home?

Most of us set goals first - consciously or unconsciously - and relegate desires, feelings, and our heart to second, third, or even further back there. But most of us aren't chasing accomplishment. We are chasing how we hope That Thing will make us feel. 

What if you lived in a world where you knew exactly what you craved and why? If your ideal feelings resonated deeper than happy, comfortable, successfulIt's almost the New Year (!!!) and it is the perfect, universe-ordained time to discover your core desires, what they mean, and how they matter to the life you're trying to live. 

When you get clear on how you want to feel, the pursuit itself will become more satisfying. - Danielle LaPorte

what is the desire map? 

At its center, it is a transformative process. It is an ocean of wisdom, a practical workbook, and a soul-awakening experience written and created by a woman I deeply admire: Danielle LaPorte

The Desire Map is half theory and half workbook; questions and insights that help you dig through the English language and your soul to excavate what you crave. It will reframe the way you approach goal-setting and decision-making and your relationship to everything.

My metamorphosis took place in the process of searching for what I desired, searching to know myself, searching for I wanted to feel. Digging through what I was most grateful for, and what really wasn’t working. It’s always the search.

When I first began, it felt dangerous. But feelings can’t guide us. But feelings change. But emotions are not to be trusted. But we want bad things. But self = selfish.  I thought making my desires + feelings a priority for a month would take me to a dangerous place, but it turns out that it brought me home.

I have used The Desire Map to bury the last ties to my addiction to workaholism and identify what I truly desire. It has helped dismantle depression, anxiety, and "lost-ness."  It has given me the tools to anchor myself professionally and personally, and remedied my chronic practice of setting goals not in alignment with my true self.  

It balances, compliments, and purifies your spiritual beliefs - whatever they are or are becoming. And it will shake the dust off your soul. 

experience the intimate, in-home los angeles workshop. 


My home is my sacred space, and my core desire feelings of rooted, easeearthy, and generous propel me to invite you in. 

Over the course of 4 Sunday evenings in January, you will...

  • learn how to identify your core desires + use them as a light and anchor for decision making, large and small
  • explore + understand your current relationship to desires + wants
  • create a safe space to discuss our hang-ups, guilt, and challenges in pursuing them
  • create daily or weekly rituals (that you loooove) to facilitate desire + contentment
  • expand your knowledge of the english language to deepen your emotional vocabulary (this is a real thing that is life changing)
  • talk through resistance as you progress through mapping your desires
  • build relationships with very real + practical women who are also learning soul first, goals second
  • walk away with a new understanding of who you are, how you desire, and what it is you truly want

Dates + Time: January 4th, 11th, 18th, & 25th, from 6-8pm. (4 consecutive Sunday evenings)

Cost: $275 - limited to 12 women

Location: My home. My location cannot be published publicly but I live in the Los Feliz/Silverlake/Glendale area.

The workshop fee includes:

  • a desire map workbook
  • tea, wine, + light snacks
  • sparkling brand new, soulful women friends
  • a universe-shifting discovery of your core desires
The Desire Map gently leads you into a new way of thinking about yourself + your life. It isn’t loud + abrasive as most self-help books can be. The book re-invents the way you look at yourself, your priorities, and your goals so that you reach and achieve them naturally and organically.

Lauren was the perfect facilitator for the discussions around the content of this book because she naturally empowers and supports women for exactly who they are, and aiming to become. Her willingness to share her own life experiences prevent any feelings of alienation for all the women in the group, and instead brings a motivated energy to the group.
— sophia grace
I loved Desire Mapping with Lauren. She knows how to create an intentional space. Anything and everything was ok to share in the group. I always left group feeling invigorated, inspired, and supported in my journey.
— nikki nachum
For someone with so many emotions, I’ve had no idea how to process and utilize them for most of my life. Using The Desire Map has helped me get to the root of who I am and what brings me the most joy and goodness in life.

I didn’t get the full impact of The Desire Map until I walked through it with an amazing group of women, and Lauren led us through it with an openness and honesty that brought out real conversation and soul-searching. In my opinion, it’s not a complete experience without sharing it with others. [This] has been the highlight of my year.
— kelly summers
This group felt like a set of comfy, inspiring gatherings with girlfriends until I looked back 3 months later and realized it had drastically changed my life. Organically, without anxiety-laden checklists, this group took me from working an office job with no passion to quitting my career, becoming yoga teacher certified, signing up for French lessons, and confidently pursuing the life I’ve always wanted.
— hope ammen
Lauren is a beautiful soul and her leadership through The Desire Map was an experience I will always treasure. Her ability to unite a group that is spread out across the country is impressive. Though none of us were in the same place, it felt like an intimate gathering. Lauren has a way of making every individual heard and I really appreciate her for that.
— alannah castor
Working through the Desire Map process was the first time I’ve really asked myself what it is I really want. Beginning to work through the answers has helped me identify what isn’t working in my life, and make room for the things that really light me up. There is nothing more invigorating about the process than walking through it with a community of people to spur you forward, cheer you on, and offer authentic connection along the way. Lauren fosters just that. Not only do I feel more in tune with myself after desire mapping, but I have surrounded myself with divine women along the way. I could not be happier with my experience.
— haley kendrick

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1. why so inexpensive? most desire map workshops run between $300-500. my venue cost drops dramatically when hosting in my own home, allowing me to offer you an inexpensive workshop fee!

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