core desired feelings. preferred states of being. 

A year ago, I discovered the Desire Map. The Desire Map is an ocean of wisdom, a practical workbook, and a soul-awakening experience written and created by a woman I deeply admire: Danielle Laporte

I have used the Desire Map to bury the last ties to my addiction to workaholism and identify what I truly desire. It has helped unhinge the final grip of depression and "lost-ness."  It has given me the tools to anchor myself professionally and personally, and remedied my chronic practice of setting goals not in alignment with my true self.  It balances, compliments, and purifies all spiritual practices and will shake the dust off your soul.

You can find testimonies from others here

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The next Desire Map group I am hosting begins on October 12, 2014 and will last for 7 weeks. It is an amazing way to reflect on 2014 and prepare your soul for the holidays + birth of a new year. 10/10/14 Update: group is full. 

The next (and very first!!) Desire Map 3-Day Workshop Level One: Los Angeles is October 18, 25 + Nov 1st! Registration is now open here


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